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Marketplace eCommerce development solution
We provide the technology and the expertise essential to get robust online marketplaces up and running quickly! We are an agile team that believes in utilizing cutting-edge technology, speed and accuracy along with uncompromising quality!

Online Marketplaces are the source of big opportunities for many aspiring and creative enterprises with small, big or even unusual ideas which are able to fill a gap in the needs of the market.

Our marketplace solution allows engagement, interchange, and trading which was only possible by being physically present at the same place and at the same time. But not anymore Digital E-Marketplaces have no time or space limits imposed on the business flow, so everyone, everywhere can be connected and purchase, sell or exchange whenever they wish to.

Enterprise Class Marketplace Solution

Our solution consists of featured vendor portal where a vendor can manage his business show and precisely designed marketplace administrator panel which is robust enough to control and manage online business operations.


Multi-Vendor Marketplace is a multi-featured solution capable of converting your normal eCommerce Store into a marketplace like Amazon or EBay or Flipkart with multiple sellers selling the same product or different products

Select & Sell

Vendor Select and Sell feature allow vendors to sell existing store products by selecting and modifying them with different stock units and price. The buyer can compare the price of vendors for the same product .Admin has to approve product selling

Product Upload

The vendor can upload product using a single product uploaded module or using a bulk upload module. Vendor edits products. The products uploaded and sent to admin for approvals to which they are displayed in the pending of a seller

Split Ordering

Order consist of products from different vendors, a system automatically generates a purchase order for vendors from the customer order keeping the link between customer order and purchase order generated

Vendor Payout

As a product is sold, shipped and has exceeded the return period window, the amounts of the same are due to be paid by the admin to the vendor. Admin gets to see an outstanding payment report thru which he can update payments.

Review & Rating

Increase conversion rates with engaging ratings and reviews drive more traffic, while maintaining total control and ownership. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get satisfied customers to sell for you.

Exchange & Return

As a product is returned, it is classified as buyer fault or vendor fault post which the items are either returned or reshipped leading to a cash refund, store credits or replacement.


Vendor specific landing page / microsite with vendor information. Ability to assign unique themes for each vendor microsite via CMS. Display products from a specified vendor only. Assign unique vendor subdomain URLs

Catalogue Management

The admin has a panel to approve / reject product uploaded. Products that are approved go live on the site & are available for a purchase to the buyer. Admin can change product information & preview a product before activating

Elastic Search

With Elastic search, all data are immediately made available for search and analytic. Elastic search includes all of the latest advances in speed, security & scalability

E-Wallet & Gift Card

A prepaid E-Wallet & Gift Card feature to its eCommerce platform that allows shoppers to store money on the site and use it to purchase items, without having to reach for their credit card for each transaction.

Referral & Loyalty Bonus

One of the most popular ways is to reward customers for each new customer that they bring to your store. Another popular option for being a traditional loyalty program, where rewards are offered to repeat purchases