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B2B & Wholesale

B2B & Wholesale eCommerce development solution
We work with clients across all industries, including leading manufacturers, distributers and wholesalers to create highly customizable and high performing B2B eCommerce website using Magento 2.

We believe in your eCommerce platform to be fully effective, it needs to be more than just an order-taking system. B2B solution is not simply an integrated system – it is a built-in, all-in-one eCommerce, CRM and ERP software platform that automates and simplifies accounting, inventory management, order fulfillment and customer relationship management in one single solution.

Our B2B eCommerce software gives the same user experience that a B2C solution gives. Fully functional shopping cart, front-end, and back-end “out-of-stock” notifications zoom in image functionality, additional attributes capability, product recommendation, up selling & cross selling product suggestions and many other features give the customer the user-friendly experience one should expect from an eCommerce solution.

Robust B2B Commerce Solution

Adopt our powerful B2B platform and get the full traction on your b2b channel with engaging web experiences. Our B2B commerce suite consists rich array of practices as in personalized product information, negotiation steps, order processing and tracking for each kind of wholesale trades. Based on our research, we have found below features which help in interaction, engagement, and loyalty of your brand lovers.

Custom Catalog

B2B companies can create customized catalogs and price lists to control the products, categories, and prices customers see on their site.

Quick Order Access

This new feature will allow you to search for multiple SKUs and place them in the shopping cart. This feature makes it easy to check prices of the products just by entering the product number.

Special Payment Options

Offer customers the choice of buying on account, invoice, and subscriptions or paying immediately with a credit or debit card. The customer has the option to upload copy of cheque as a payment mode.

Customer Profiling

Your customers are unique and they love to be treated same. Create individual customer profiles for them that include unlimited contacts/users, shipping addresses, price lists, purchase lists, and payment options.

B2C like Navigation

Personalize product offering and prices to individual customers as well as restrict access to specific products or product groups if required.

Negotiations & RFQs

Unlimited price lists with tiered/volume-based prices, including gross and net pricing in multiple currencies. Our eCommerce solution is tailored to B2B with complex pricing logic and user/role management out-of-the-box.

Personalized Experienced

Personalization is what you know about a customer and using it to make a unique experience tailored for that user. The end results for you to achieve is intended higher conversion.

Split Order Shipping

B2B customers are generally reseller of product & wish to deliver products directly to their customers. The solution offers Single order products is sent to customer specific multiple shipping addresses.

Catalog PDF Print

As a store owner you might have frequently faced a situation wherein you need to send information regarding your products to a potential customer. PDF Catalog Print feature is an answer to all your requirements pertaining to generating catalogs.

Mobile Commerce

Customers are connected to handheld mobile devices constantly and demand free flowing shopping experience & we deliver it perfectly with our solution.

Dealers Locator

The feature is powerful, yet simple that allows you to easily embed a store or Dealer Locator tool on your own website to help your customers find a dealer selling your product.

Multi-Channel Integration

There is need more advanced customer management experience that can monitor multiple channels and sale touch points. It’s a complicated integration job and we do it professionally.


A solution for stimulating growth on the internet and significantly increasing profit.

Business buyers are consumers too. Create engaging, mobile-optimized experiences to empower your customers and sales staff to place orders on any device, at any time. B2B Industries

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