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Magento – A Complete Omni-Channel E-commerce Platform

Today’s customers are tech-savvy and well advanced in technology. When it comes to shopping, they require a connected system that eases their shopping life irrespective of their device or location. According to a study by IDC in 2018, customers who shop across multiple channels have a 30% higher lifetime value than single channel shoppers. Hence, it is necessary for eCommerce sites to create an omnichannel retailing experience for customers. Your customers can now buy anytime and from anywhere. Your challenge is to make your products available according to their convenience.

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms with a market share of nearly 30%. It is highly robust, regularly updated and flexible enough to extend its functionalities to many other third party systems. This is why it has become one of the top rated eCommerce platforms that deliver the best possible omnichannel features.

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Connecting Online Juggernauts Through Magento

Amazon makes an annual revenue of $60 billion; Walmart’s online sales have crossed $10 billion a year. Getting your products in top notch stores like Amazon, Walmart and Target can bring you the benefits of acquiring a wider customer base. To help you, there are many Magento extensions that will help you publish your products on these popular stores, directly.

Magento makes this possible through its massive interconnectivity and strong community presence. In such a competitive market, Magento makes it easy for you to stay ahead of your competitors. You can administer all these sites from the same backend that you use for your eCommerce store.

Magento supports multiple seller accounts, multiple market places, pure ownership of your data and products, multi currency support, real time tracking of products, inventory control and so much more to ease your multi channel selling process.

Connecting Online Juggernauts Through Magento

Our Superior Omnichannel Solution

MageMoto Omnichannel Practice partners with your organization to leverage leading technologies so your focus stays on customers rather than channels. Your organization develops a seamless customer experience across all touch points, grounded with the right policies and processes, and enabled by the right technologies and people. Based on our research, we have found below features which help in interaction, engagement, and loyalty of your brand lovers.

Strategy and Roadmap

The first, crucial steps in your Omnichannel transformation are building the right strategy, the business case and the organizational support to fund and execute the programs…

Cross-Channel Integration

Providing what customers want means reexamining your organization’s business model. Our Omnichannel experts work with you on everything from realigning roles and performance measures…


By expanding eCommerce internationally, you can acquire new customers, drive incremental sales and test markets with modest capital investment.

eCommerce Migration

Improve your digital commerce by partnering with us to select and implement the right digital platform for your mobile and tablet capabilities.

Digital Commerce Optimization

Even mature e-tailors with the robust digital commerce need to optimize their operations to deliver growth. We help you generate more traffic and improve conversion through…

International Commerce

By expanding eCommerce internationally, you can acquire new customers, drive incremental sales and test markets with modest capital investment.

Loyalty and CRM

How are customers who shop across multiple channels different from those who shop in a single channel? How should customer acquisition and retention tactics vary across channels?…

Digital Marketing

Relevant marketing messages can help you acquire more customers, increase basket size and lower cost-of-operations. Partner with us to choose the marketing mix that best engages your customers.

Agile Delivery

Failing fast is the key to winning in Omnichannel: The sooner you can get new capabilities to market, the sooner you can tweak and refine them. We leverage a proven Agile delivery…