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Home & Decor

Home & Decor
Make your website unique with decorating solutions

With the help of expert and responsive home décor solutions, you will expose your houses to generate higher incomes and quicker development. Our home styling theme based web solutions will give exactly what your customers will want.

Differentiate Your Brand With Cutting-Edge Commerce Features

With a professional and responsive home decor ecommerce store, you can open the doors to higher revenues and faster growth. Our home decor eCommerce solution provides the right blend of features which your customers are looking for. Based on our research, we have found below features which help in interaction, engagement, and loyalty of your brand lovers.

Live Try-Outs

Offer your clients, 3D feel of their homes with a progressive solution for experiment with furniture or floor covering and envisioned home antiques.

Be the decorator

When clients will be given chance to design their own room, they will bounce back to your online home décor store. Enable your client to purchase an entire originator look of their room. Upgrade your switch of up offering and mass arrangement.

Home Decor Personalized Cart

Give your customers/clients chance to customize their needs. The B2B clients will have self-ruling power to manage catalogue, pricing, track & satisfy the sales orders

Plan your fantasy room

Your customers will now be able to plan their fantasy room with the help of fantasy furniture and master suggestions. We will incorporate outline master and portfolio saving feature.

More than one channel options

You will now be able to establish your contacts more than one channel business integration without limit. You could opt for the channels like multi-brand, B2B, B2C and marketplace sites.

Metallic price

You can now manage the mass discounts, flexibility to regulate and maintain campaigns, costing and configuration, applicable on large purchase. You can authorize your own schemes and contests.


You can receive the feature to reserve assembly service along with the purchase of the product.It is a distinctive feature to connect with your customers personally.

Shop personalized furniture

With the normal furniture for the room, offer designer furniture that customer can customize with the choice of his shape, size and material.

Trace down the culprit

This feature will allow the customer to track down his furniture. They can view the making of their furniture till the delivery and installation is finished.