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Gems & Jewelry

Gems & Jewelry
Make your brand unique with polished E-commerce features and amenities

Gems and Jewelry retailers showcase your distinguished products with user – engaging website with perfect link of features that makes your brand stand unique in the line of commoners.Below mentioned will be the features of your website:

Differentiate Your Brand With Cutting-Edge Commerce Features

Gems and Jewelry retailers are always looking for a unique statement of your style. Our eCommerce solution provides the right blend of features which represent your brand personality. Based on our research, we have found below features which help in interaction, engagement, and loyalty of your brand lovers.

360’ Check

For the best jewelry, should be the best jewelry promotion that justifies the quality of your brand. A 360’ video for the better product examination by the user with mouse control view.

Diamonds suits you best

The diamond loving customers will have a treat because they will be able to search for loose diamonds certified by GIS, AGS, IGI, etc. For advanced searches, they can customize their search by color, carat, clarity and cut.

Price of Gold

Your customers will be able to determine the price of precious metals with the live spot price. It will add weight, markup and purity of each product.

Rapnet Integration

The RAPNET Price List extensively throughout the diamond trade for evaluating diamond prices. We provide this industry exclusive integration

B2B talks

We facilitate B2B customer to manage their catalogue, pricing, track and order fulfilling. They can directly fulfil their order from E-Commerce storefront or the application.

Unique Showcasing

A feature for niche markets allows taking control of your product offerings by creating unique catalogs & assigning them to customers.

Try Virtually

This feature is a blessing in disguise for exclusive people who are fond of jewelry. Our website will give the shoppers an opportunity to try jewelries like ring or necklace or earrings – a distinguishing feature amongst your competitors.

Promote your business in your way

You can design potential customer discount, target based promotion, and geography based promotion, conversions and inventory control and customer acquisition.

Wardrobe of personalized jewelry

The customer will be able to order the personalized jewelry by engraving option or by selecting the choice of setting and fitting stone. The customization option will be given to the customers so they will make sure to buy jewelry from your online platform only.