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Fashion And Apparel

Fashion & Apparel
Make your brand unique with stylish E-commerce features and amenities

An online fashion store holder will always look for something different and unique as well as user engaging experiences. They will go for something that makes their brand stand indifferent amongst competitors and customers would visit them again and again.

Differentiate Your Brand With Essential Fashion Commerce Features

Fashion retailers are not locked into rigid “cookie-cutter” design templates – they are a unique statement of your style. Our fashion eCommerce solution provides the right blend of features which represent your brand personality. Based on our research on online fashion shoppers, we have found the below features which help in interaction, engagement, and loyalty of your brand lovers.

Browse looks

All the retro trends are coming back, then why should you lack in that. Create a lookbook for the ease of customers. They can browse through your latest collection through images and can give you bulk order

3D try-on technology

The customers can try on their chosen apparel virtually and then decide everything pre-purchase. Customer will get groundbreaking 3D fitting technology which will be available on your online fashion store.

Personal Fashion Store

Your customers will get the customized service of choosing their suited fabric, style or materials as well as tailoring needs.

Knowing the style

The style quiz will give your brand lover the idea of which fashion suits them and which doesn’t. It will make their searches easy and smooth.

Remember the choice

The size engine technology will remember the search of a customer and recommend them with their custom searches. This will make user-experience enriching and enable him to visit your store again and again.

Delivering good experience

Online fashion sales use rich media to provide compelling product information to the people who are loyal to their brands. You can do that for your customers to deliver the good experience.

Omni-channel Integration

The Omni channel integration will keep your online store up to date as it will develop, implement and integrate on its own at the particular interval of time.

Learn the fashion

The updated features will give your users real-time knowledge. The stylish panel will upgrade the recommendation and give the users chance to learn latest fashion.

Commerce in-hand

We will create mobile responsive solutions that will give your brand loyal customers can have smooth user-experience. This will deliver sharply from our mavenbird technologies.