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Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods
Make your brand unique with Boosting E-commerce features and amenities

All the companies who sell its product online will receive the facilities of aligning their virtual business to maximize a consumer brand experience and faster rate of conversion. All the solutions provided by Mavenbird are unique and comfortable. Customer will get the right blend of features which will help them to manage everything smoothly.

Differentiate Your Brand With Cutting-Edge Commerce Features

Consumer Goods companies are aligning their online business in other to maximizes consumer brand experience and hence faster rate of conversion. Our eCommerce solution provides the right blend of features which make their management simple. Based on our research, we have found below features which help in interaction, engagement, and loyalty of your brand lovers.

More than one channel

You will be able to receive your order from all kinds of devices like phone or laptop or even tablet. The velvety flow of information from the website will make all the management simple and easy.

No disturbance

We can provide you with the website having an excellent feature of Subscription and Reordering with just a single click. It will make the user-experience undisturbed by the ads. It will be made with the motive to provide extra comfort to your brand lovers.

Partial now, Partial then

We believe that financial help a good method to earn trust. For all the clients who have to buy consumer products in wholesale but do not have full payment ready, can pay you partially initially and rest at the time of delivery.

First click, Then Collect

You, through this website can give facility to the customer to walk to nearest experience centre and collect their order at their preferred time. This will reduce the return ratio.

Choose delivery time slot

The most important thing in online business is the delivery of the product. Your website will contain a feature where a customer can choose the time slot to make it easy for your customers and you as well.

Price and Volume discounts

We can integrate a feature that will enable your customer to add more items to their cart to receive bigger discounts. This will motivate him to buy more products from you and it will earn you good profit.

Smart Pack and Tailored Needs

We will assist you by building tools and techniques that will help you create the best combos for your local market. It will help with customer specification deals and promotions too.

Easy Navigation and Browsing

The important point for your brand loyal people is creamy navigation, smooth flow of process and saving on credit/debit cards. Once a customer decides what they wants and when they wants, it will be few clicks away from them.

Holiday Attractions

Everyone loves the discount and everyone includes rich customers too. We provide customized solution for making discount and discount pages attractive. It will attract the customer and give him reason to stay loyal to you for the longer period of time.