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Make your brand unique with robust E-commerce features and amenities

We provide the complete solution for online shopping website, which includes end to end automotive e-commerce solution with features like Vin-based research, user-friendly shopping cart, etc.Mavenbird technologies provide sound features which help you manage your business smoothly. The process will become simpler and faster. Following is our list of features

Differentiate Your Brand With Cutting-Edge Commerce Features

We offer an end-to-end automotive eCommerce solution including VIN-based search, user-friendly shopping cart etc. Our eCommerce solution provides the right blend of features which make management of your business becomes much simpler, faster and smarter. Based on our research, we have found below features which help in interaction, engagement, and loyalty of your brand lovers.

Finder of car model(make/model/year)

The website will be dedicated to automotive industry with the smart information like Make of the car, Model of the car, etc. Every kind of information required by the customers to buy a car.


This feature will help customer to get to the proper decision maintaining the balance between cost and quality with the two options – OEM and Aftermarket Pricing.

Vendor Panel

This will connect OEM and Aftermarket Suppliers. It will manage the orders and commission based on sales of the vendor through the solutions.

Smart Search

This will offer the flexibility to the visitor to quickly browse and buy the products. IT will also allow you to compare the two products.

Tracing the culprits all at once

This feature will be a treat for wholesale order tracking. This will give you separate access to wholesalers.

Garage for localite

This is an advanced feature which will connect you to nearest garage and register for authorized repairer. A customer can book himself a service through this solution.

Catalogue anytime anywhere

Print catalogue will give a sharp feature to serve an offline channel sale where customer can print online catalogue in a predefined format.

Multi-channel Integration

The website model will be integrated within store with POS, ERP as well as CRM and facilitated seamless information flow across the data channel which will reduce the workload.

Ease the customer mood:

This feature of our website will catch the customer’s attention with the innovative feature of allowing them to customize their needs.